With experience of 35 years, your products are in good hands.

With 395,000 meters production capacity, our company is one of the largest non-woven fabric manufacturers on the Turkish market. All products leave the factory only after extensive quality control.

The colors of the products are manufactured with the TL84 and daylight settings.

The machineries in our factory have a computer control system and brought each year on the state of the art and developed to achieve optimal results.


A fully automatic machine with high capacity ensures optimum fiber mixing.


A machine with a high capacity scans the fibers foruniqueness.

Color Scanning

The color scanning is done with a small set of color combinations.


A computer-controlled fully automatic knitting machine performs the plush patterned or flat knits.

Scissors and Polishing

Precision cutting and polishing with a high capacity.

Finishing and Ram

Using a computer-controlled system, the plush is brought into the desired width and the hardness or softness gets a suitable set up.